The Network Connect Manager for the Philanthropic Service for Institutions (PSI) ministry department of the North American Division (NAD) of Seventh-day Adventists requested to have application forms designed for both prospective mentors and mentees to apply to be part of PSI’s Network Connect mentoring program.

Mentor Application and Mentor Tip sheet — The initial intent was for the forms to be used in hard copy, but evolved into a need for digital/online purposes (e.g., website and email communications). As part of this evolution, the forms were modified to have the ability to be filled in digitally, as well as provide email links for submission.

The tip sheet is meant as a guide to help encourage a mentor to share their professional experiences, as well as direct them on how to interact with a mentee.

Mentee Application and Mentee Tip sheet — The mentee application form is nearly identical to the mentor form, with slight changes to language asking where the mentee needs assistance, instead of how the mentor can assist.

The mentee tip sheet follows a similar vein as the mentor tip sheet in that it provides suggestions on how to maximize the input provided to them from the mentor.

Mentoring Quotes chalkboard graphics — As the project evolved into the need for online materials, the Network Connect manager wanted to provide quotes in the print materials as well as the website. The idea arose to use a "teaching" concept with a chalkboard theme similar to how an apprentice is "taught" the skills of a trade.

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