As part of their internal mission To Move People Closer to God, the fundraising committee of the Placerville Seventh-day Adventist Church embarked on a campaign to raise $1,000,000 by the year 2020 for both improving current structures, completing in-progress renovations, and building a resource center.
The committee sought to create professional marketing collateral that included a brochure and corresponding envelope to mail to each church member directly, a 'thank you' card with return address labels for the card's envelope to send to those who donated to the campaign, a high-resolution file of the pledge section of the brochure to print on-site to be available during the church's services, and a presentation graphic to be projected during services to create a "brand recognition" with the brochure as the campaign was presented.
The church had previously completed the creation of a business identification system that included a new logo graphic, brand colors, brand typeface, and supporting graphics that represented the church's mission. This identification system, along with the text supplied by the committee's fundraising expert, steered the underlying design structure for the project—all in an effort to remind the target audience of the church's ultimate mission.
PSDAC 2020 Vision campaign — Logo Graphic

Logo Graphic — The committee's fundraising expert included a campaign title the wrapped together the church's mission (Greater Service), the campaign deadline and planning for the future (2020 Vision), and a call-to-action (Fulfilling Our Mission). It was intended to use the typeface's various weights to place emphasis on the sections of the text, and to use color to emphasize 'planning for the future.'

PSDAC 2020 Vision campaign — Brochure

Brochure (9-inch x 14-inch, four panels) — Using a rough guideline provided by the committee, the interior of the brochure (right) was to narrate a thought process for the target audience. First, the top 'green' section was purposely separated to reminded them of the church's overall mission and how they currently achieve that mission. Then, provide the specific details of the campaign (third panel) that outlined the financial goal and deadline and the intended vision of how the finances would be utilized, And the last panel would supply a method to support the campaign.

The outside of the brochure (left) provided submission instructions, support of both the church's pastor and the committee's chairperson, contact information for the committee members [modified], and the brochure's front cover.

PSDAC 2020 Vision campaign — No. 10 Envelope

Envelope (standard No. 10 size) — A simple envelope design that provided the church's logo and address, as well as the campaign's logo. The commercial printer also provided bulk mailing services [modified] for the campaign.

PSDAC 2020 Vision campaign — Pledge Card

Pledge Card (from Brochure) — The committee requested that the pledge card and corresponding back that provided submission instructions be provided in PDF format (2-up, 8.5-inch x 11-inch). This would allow the committee to print the cards locally or internally to continue to provide donation opportunities at the church's services throughout the campaign.

PSDAC 2020 Vision campaign — Presentation Graphic

Presentation Graphics (16:9 and 4:3 ratio) — The front cover of the brochure was redesigned into a graphic that could be projected during the church's services to create a 'brand recognition' with the brochure that was previously mailed while church leaders and committee members verbally presented the campaign. Two (2) aspect ratios were provided to work with the most common ratios of projection systems.

PSDAC 2020 Vision campaign — 'Thank You' Card with Return Address Label

'Thank You' Card (No. 5 1/2 BAR (Baronial) card and envelope) — A simple card design created by breaking up the cover of the card into seven (7) rows (each the height of the blue bands) to emphasize both the sentiment and the campaign logo. The back of the card uses the church's logo and contact information. A 30-up sheet of return address labels was designed with both the church and campaign logos to use on the card's envelope.

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